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How To's

Flagstone/Paver Installation

Approximate Coverage:

To determine the size of the patio, lay it out with string and stakes. Measure the area by measuring the length and then the width. Multiply these two measurements together to get the square footage of the area.

Tools/Materials Required:

  • Flagstone/Paver
  • Limestone 2A
  • Limestone Sand
  • Pick and Shovel
  • 4′ Level
  • Hand Tamper/Plate Compactor
  • Joint Sand
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Chisel
  • Edging (if desired)
  • Measuring tape

Dry Installation:

Dig area to a depth of 12″. Fill in area with Limestone 2A to within 2-4″ of finished level, compact with tamper and level. Install edging, if desired. Spread a small layer of Limestone Sand for leveling. Install flagstone/pavers. Tamp flagstone/pavers with mallet to level; add/remove sand as necessary to keep level. Finish by sweeping sand into joints.

Mortar Installation:

Dig area to a depth of 12″. Fill area with 3″ of Limestone 2A. Pour 4″ of concrete on top of crushed stone. Sink 6x6 wire mesh reinforcement halfway into the depth of concrete. When concrete starts to set, roughen the top surface with a rake or similar tool. This will help in the bonding of the setting bed to the concrete slab. Use a layer of mortar to set flagstone/pavers on. Use the same procedure as above to finish. Use a damp sponge to wipe off any mortar that gets on top of stone.