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How To's

Retaining Block Installation

Tools/Materials Required:

  • Measuring tape
  • 4′ Level
  • Chisel
  • Rubber Mallet
  • Pick and Shovel
  • Stakes/String
  • Retaining Block
  • Adhesive
  • Hand Tamper/Plate Compactor
  • Limestone 2A (base course)
  • Limestone Sand (leveling)
  • Limestone 2B (backfill)
  • Weed Fabric
  • Geo-grid (for walls over 4′)
  • Drain Pipe (if needed)
  • Transportation Method of Product


After selecting your retaining wall system, measure the layout of the wall using stakes and string to mark where your first course of block will be installed. Dig the base trench to the specified width and depth of your wall system. Because retaining walls differ is size and design, follow the manufacturer's installation instructions for your specific block design. The trench should be dug deep enough to allow for a compacted depth of 6″ of Limestone 2A, a leveling course of Limestone Sand, and the required depth of your first course of block. Install Limestone 2A and compact using a hand tamper or plate compactor.

Starting at the lowest point in the trench, place the first layer of block on top of the compacted base. Place the blocks close together, checking the alignment of the level of each block front to back and side to side. For straight walls, use a string along the back of the course to ensure the blocks are flush. Use a rubber mallet to tap block into place. After the first course has been installed, if drainage is required, install drain pipe. If block has cores to be filled, begin filling the cores as you install each course with Limestone 2B and begin backfilling with Limestone 2B. Sweep off any debris on blocks before continuing the next course. Continue the additional courses remembering to “stagger” the joints. Any wall that is over four foot in height will need geo-grid installed, follow manufacturer's installation procedures for your specific retaining block. After wall is complete, install the cap row with adhesive designed for retaining walls.