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How To's

Lawn Installation

New Lawn Area

  • Prepare the area by removing large debris and rocks.
  • Loosen the soil several inches in depth and incorporate starter fertilizer.
  • Rake and smooth the surface
  • Spread seed using recommended setting
  • Lightly rake seed into ground
  • Spread either Penn Mulch or bales of straw to keep seed moist until it germinates.
  • Keep seed watered lightly until seed germinates.
  • After grass has grown, keep your new lawn mowed to a height of 2″. Keep your mower blades sharp to avoid damage to the grass.

Existing Lawn Revitalization

  • Thatch the lawn to remove buildup of dead grass
  • Scratch surface of soil
  • Spread seed using recommended setting
  • Fertilize at recommended rate
  • Water the area daily for several weeks. Keep the top inch of soil moist
  • Keep mower blade sharp to avoid damage

Keep your lawn in top condition by applying lawn fertilizers and herbicides throughout the growing season. Keep lawn watered during times of stress due to lack of rain. When mowing, set your mower so that the grass is cut no shorter than 2″. Keep blades sharpened throughout the mowing season regularly.