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Natural Field Stone

Natural Field Stone is sold by the pallet or by the square foot. One pallet weighs approximately 1-¼ ton and will construct a wall approximately 35′ L x 1′ H x 1′ W.



Natural retaining wall (mortarless or mortared), walking paths and driveways, finishing around ponds and gardens, veneer on exterior of homes and fireplaces, and veneer on interior fireplace walls.


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Victorian Wall StoneVictorian Wall Stone

Victorian Wall Stone


Victorian Wall Lilac

Victorian Guillotine ThickVictorian Guillotine Thin

Victorian Guillotine Thick and Thin

Guillotine Thin is 2-4" of material and the Thick is 4-8". It is in full color (blues, greens, and browns). The bottom of the rocks are sawn to be flat and easier to stack.

Pasture StonePasture Stone

Pasture Stone

Laurel MountainLaurel Mountain

Laurel Mountain

Pocono BlendPocono Blend

Pocono Blend

Pond and Wall StonePond and Wall Stone

Pond and Wall Stone (when available)

Tumbled BluestoneTumbled Bluestone

Tumbled Bluestone

Tumbled Laurel Mountain

Tumbled Laurel Mountain

1-4" thickness, colors are yellows, tans, browns and greys. Some pallets are more grey and some are more yellow and tans. Tumbled to give the stone a softer and more aged look.


How To Install Fieldstone