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Lawn Installation and Maintenance

At Nature's Cover we carry all the necessary products to help you in the installation of a new lawn, overseeding an existing lawn, and maintaining your lawn to keep it in top condition.


Grass Seeds

Grass seed is sold by the pound.

  • Penn State Mix
  • Quick Green
  • Perennial Rye Blend
  • Summer Stress/High Traffic Mix
  • Shady Mix
  • Annual Rye Contractor Mix

Penn Mulch

Penn Mulch was developed and patented by Penn State University. It is made from recycled newsprint, super-absorbent polymers, biodegradable colorant and fertilizer. Penn Mulch is easy to apply, saves time, and can be applied with a variety of spreaders. Penn Mulch is sold in 50 pound bags. How much do you need? 75 pounds will cover 1,000 square feet.

Straw Bales

Straw bales are available to mulch over newly seeded grass seed. One bale will cover 100 square feet.

Established Lawn Upkeep

  • Crabgrass Control (use March–April)
  • Broadleaf Control “Weed & Feed” (April–May & again Sept–Oct)
  • All in one basic fertilizer to keep your lawn green (June–August)
  • Winter Fertilizer–to strengthen the root system (Nov–Dec)
  • Pelletized Lime–to assist in balancing the pH of the soil (when needed)

Weed and Insect Deterrent

  • Roundup Pro (concentrate and dry mix)
  • Dylox (grub control)
  • Monterey Termite & Carpenter Ant Control (also kills ticks)
  • Woodace Preen Plus (weed deterrent for planting beds)
Insect and pest control products

How to Intall a Lawn