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Flagstone and Slate

Flagstone and slate is sold by the square foot. It is available in a cut pattern and in irregular shapes. Special ordering is available for specific project sizes. Call for availability and prices. Flagstone can be used for patios, walks, driveways, pools and ponds, veneering exterior and interior walls, gardens, and decoration.


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Pa. Bluestone Full Color (Irregular)Pa. Bluestone Full Color (Pattern)

Pa. Bluestone Full Color

Full color is a range of browns, grays, greens. Irregular shaped flagstone is approximately 1-½″ in thickness, some tapering down to 1″ thickness. Pattern cut is 1-½″ thickness.

Lilac (Irregular)Lilac (Pattern)


Lilac flagstone has a purple cast.

Garden Path Tumbled Bluestone

Garden Path Tumbled Bluestone

This Bluestone is sold by the piece. It is blue-gray, irregularly shaped larger pieces of Tumbled Stone.

Tumbled Bluestone

Tumbled Bluestone

This Bluestone is sold by the piece. It is blue-gray in color and has been tumbled to remove edges. It is available in 6″x12″, 12″x12″ and 12″x18″ pieces.


Treads (when available)

Treads are available in Select Thermal and Full Color Thermal. Treads are sold by the square foot. They are available in various widths and lengths. Call for availability and selection. Treads can be used as steps, mantel and hearth pieces for fireplaces.

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