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Retaining Wall Systems

At Nature's Cover we offer homeowners and contractors several options for building walls. The success of any retaining wall depends on the amount of prep work involved prior to the installation.



To help aid in the success of your wall, follow these guidelines:

  • Check municipality for code regulations.
  • Have a plan.
  • Evaluate your site to determine the best wall system for your project.
  • Stake out the wall for placement and to avoid any “surprises”.
  • Excavate your site according to the manufacturer's specification.
  • Evaluate your soil: Does it drain or lay with water after a rain? Is the ground too soft for a base, etc.?
  • Shop for your wall.
  • Pick up a copy of Installation Instructions.

How to Intall a Retaining Wall

Railroad Ties
Rockwood Retaining Walls photo collage of Rockwood block colors